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    Credits & Synopsis > Candle In The Wind(2003)
Synopsis :

Roya, Farzins's mother, has left her husbands. As young Farzin guits the university, accidentally he meets a girl from a wealthy family who is the manager of Ngo. Aware of farzin's experience as a translator, the marry, but after a short while, sick Aida dies and unconscious farzin spends his days and night in deserted mountains.

Brought back to life, farzin open his eyes in a hospital where a doctor is injecting him some strange substances.

Fired from hospital, the young doctor befriends with farzin and his pal, Babak. Addicted to drughs, they host parties night and day.

After a crash, farzin meets a nurse named safoura in the hospital. He becomes fond of her immediately because of her resemblance to Aida, but she refuse him, when she find out about his addiction.

When unconscious dos falls from the window and dies and farzin's mother leaves the country alongside her new husband, farazin is helpless.

He is arrested in a party, abut......

Credits :
Director:  Pouran Derakhshandeh
Producer:  Pouran Derakhshandeh
Screen writer:
Pouran Derakhshandeh
Mohammad Hadi Karimi
Photography: Farhad saba
Editor: Mohammadreza Moeini
Music: Nasser CheshmAzar
Jamshid Mashayekhi
Azita Hajian
Bahram Radan
Shahab Hosseini
Running time: 90min, color
Year: 2003
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